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Actuarial Science Bursary 2024-2025

Commerce is a cornerstone of our global economy, driving the exchange of goods and services among various economic entities. It is vital for numerous reasons:

Qualifications in General Commerce

Qualifications in commerce often fall under Economic Management Science (EMS), encompassing a broad range of fields, including marketing. Some examples include:

  • Higher Certificates: Banking, Marketing, Tourist Management
  • Diplomas: Administrative Management, Marketing Management, Local Government Finance
  • Advanced Diploma: Tourism Management
  • Bachelor Degrees: Business Informatics, Financial Management, Transport and Logistics

Bursaries and Funding Opportunities

For those seeking funding opportunities in commerce, numerous bursaries and scholarships are available to support educational and career goals. These funding options can significantly ease the financial burden of obtaining a qualification in commerce and help students focus on their studies and professional development. Here are a few steps to find and apply for bursaries:

  1. Research: Look for bursaries specific to your field of study within commerce.
  2. Eligibility: Check the eligibility criteria for each bursary.
  3. Documentation: Gather necessary documents such as academic records, identification, and proof of income.
  4. Application: Complete the application forms accurately and submit before deadlines.
  5. Follow Up: Keep track of your applications and follow up if necessary.
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By taking advantage of these opportunities, aspiring commerce professionals can achieve their educational goals and contribute to the economic growth and development of their communities and countries.

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Career Paths in Commerce

Individuals with commerce qualifications can pursue various career paths, such as:

Banking: Roles in retail, corporate, and investment banking.

Insurance: Positions in underwriting, claims, and risk management.

Investments: Careers in asset management, portfolio management, and financial analysis.

Capital Markets: Jobs in trading, market analysis, and financial consulting.

Company Secretary Roles: Corporate governance and compliance positions.

Accounting and Taxation: Roles in financial accounting, auditing, and tax advisory.

Cost and Work Accountancy: Specializing in cost management and control.

Actuarial Sciences: Working as actuaries in insurance, finance, and consulting.

Certified Financial Planning: Providing financial advice and planning services.

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